Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Stats and Strategies of the Civil War

We created infographics about the civil war and the advantages and statistics of the Union and the confederacy. I used to present my information. For most of the information, it was comparisons between the north and south so I mostly used graphs that showed the two numbers next to each each other. For the slave population and number of industrial workers it was a size comparison graph to show how much bigger the slave population was in the south and that there were more industrial workers in the north. I used a bar graph to show the differences in the infrastructure of both regions such as railroads and manufacturing. These differences showed the strengths and advantages each could have over the other. I summarized the advantages at the end using the data presented before. Using helped me to see these differences clearly and what the statistics meant about the advantages for the north and south. It also helped me see what contributed to the outcomes of the war. I could see that the north was in better shape with its government and economy. Also, the motivations for fighting for the north and south were clearer after seeing the conditions they were in.

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